Jam Jar IT Services

At Jam Jar IT we are small enough to be highly adaptable to any requirement. Below you will find details of just some of our capabilities. If its computer related in some way we are able to assist.

  • IT Consulting

    If you have any questions regarding websites, networking or internet connections give us a call. We can supply aDSL and faster connections as needs require.More

  • Computer Repairs & Upgrades

    All manner of computer repairs undertaken by our qualified insured staff. Computer running slow let us clean it and make reccomendations for improvements.More

  • CCTV & Security

    CCTV systems supplied with internet, watch anywhere capabilities. Short term installs from 6 months available.More

  • Cage Cooling

    Check our gallery of cage cooling installs. We aim for manufacturer levels of installs with hiden wiring and simple controls. More

  • Loneguard

    Lone Guard is the the working name for the Lone Worker Guardian System. This system allows for monitoring of lone workers in many situations. This system allows for the Pro Active monitoring of Lone Workers in accordance with The Health & Safety Executive for the UK. This system meets all you Lone Worker requirements in a simple and dependably package.More

  • Modifications

    This is really a show case of what we can do that isn't covered by the other. Be it car, home or computer we can offer some modifications to make it yours. More

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