Jam Jar IT Repairs

As computers become more intertwined into our lives the trouble they cause when they fail is magnified. Here at Jam Jar IT we specialise in returning thing back to normal

  • Laptop Repairs

    We offer a comprehensive range of repairs to laptops from broken power sockets to complete screen replacements. We can do soldering to motherboards and return laptops to as new with replacement parts.

  • Data Recovery

    If you computer or laptop dies on you this doesn't always mean your data is lost. We are able to scan corrupted drives and rescue data from them. The key to this service is to get the computer or laptop to us as soon as a problem is noted and we can usually recover some data.

  • Virus's, Trojans & Worms

    If your machine is slowing down or locking up there is a fair chance there is something on there that shouldn't be. We can analyse and repair most virus infected machines returning them to the best possible condition for you.

  • Phone Repairs

    Screen replacements can be done on all iPhones along with speaker & microphone replacements. We carry a stock of iPhone parts to allow us to repair them often on a while you wait basis. Other smart phones can be repaired by our skilled technicians.

  • Upgrades

    We can supply and fit all manner of upgrades from memory to graphics cards. We can always suggest the most cost effective way to improve your device.

  • Design & Build

    You need a fast gaming computer, a silent music machine or photo/video editing machine? Give us a call and we can build your ideal system to exactly your requirements.

info@jamjarit.com       07535 980 972