Jam Jar IT Modifications

This is our other category where we showcase unusual work we do.

  • Robeatss

    This is one of our "blowing off steam" projects.

    A customer came to use asking if we could make an interesting radio/cd/mp3 player for out door use. Here's the result the Robeats unit. It has a built in car head unit powering two 2 way speakers either side and the 12" sub in a sub box.

    To liven it up even more we added colour changing LED's arround the sub to add some lighting to the whole unit. Both the lights and the head unit can be controlled remotely and the sound out put is plenty for a guarden party or similar.

  • .

    2 way waterproof speakers fitted in the side.

  • Kenwood car head unit.

  • Colour changing lights around the sub.

  • .

    iPod, mp3, CD & radio with an Aux in.

  • All running off 12V from the transformer.

  • This customer wanted a slightly aged look to the box whilst we could have finished it in almost any colour, gloss etc.

  • Roof Repairs

    Here the customer had caught the end section of their roof on a Peugeot 307CC the original replacement part came to over £400

    We were able to repair the roof and maintain the looks of the car for far less.

  • Here the section repaired is vertical.

  • The bracket is clearly shown.

  • The bracket is fully supported with washers.

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